Friday, January 30, 2015

Around Here

Some snap shots from around the house and office. Been trying to get art work hung up, my office picked up and organized for months now. Slowly I am getting there. It strange because if it were some other person's home this would be the fun part. But because its my house I feel strangely paralyzed by the lack of limitations.. 

(1) collection vintage art
(2) shelf by my work bench in office
(3) chair + new pillow in office
(4) my faux fur coat + hat sitting in the dining room
(5) my imitation painting of a vintage one I saw (finally framed and hung!)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentines Contest!

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wonderful world of Etsy

 This one turned out to have a little theme! Enjoy!

wooden bowl set
vintage rug
native american bust
vintage painting
woven tray
cornbread pan
"you are fabulous" pillow
wooden wall panel
wooden coasters

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Interiors | finished bath

Finishing up rooms in the house one at a time. The bathroom was finally finished (for now) with the hanging of the towel bar.. it sat on the floor for months!
We gut this bathroom's floor, shower stall, and took out a wall of cabinets.  + See the before here +
We did this simple bathroom facelift for under $750.00 !

Here is the break down

1- Flooring, wooden grain sheet vinyl (yep, we are eventually putting in tile, but its BUDGET friendly! and looks better then I thought!) | $200 | Home Depot 
2- New shower surround-  fiberglass (again upgrading in the future, but my budget loved it and so do I for my morning shower!) | $250 | Home Depot
(Shower curtain | $20 | Target)
3- vintage chair for towel holder | $7 | St. Vinnies 
4- wool rug | $19 | Marshalls 
5- wicker basket for dirty clothes | $14 | St. Vinnies
6- vintage dresser made into a vanity | $50 | garage sale 
7- sink came from the original bathroom reno, recycle when you can! $0
8- oil rubbed faucet | $42 | Mendards
9- vintage brass tray for toiletries | $9 | St. Vinnies
10- brass towel bar | $5 | Habitat for Humanities store
11- wall decor |$20 | Target   
12- vintage oval mirror | $18 | Buy & Sell shop

other expenses:
Paint- $60 | Home Depot
lighting- $24 | Menards
art work- had it (use what you got!)
elbow grease- priceless

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

style | sequin pants

With Valentines Day coming up I thought what better time to bust out the sequin pants (besides New Years I guess...). Sequin pants or skirt if you are swapping, are a super jazzy attention getter no matter where you go out for dinner.
I have a laid back style, but I love getting dressed up and throwing on heels now and then. It's FUN!  These outfits all pair well with heels, go ahead and make them a fun bold color.

(1) A sure fire way to tone done a little sequin is some denim (my best friend, seriously!).  A silky pattern top with your denim jack over looks like a million bucks but it is an effortless thing to pull from your closet. shh I wont tell ;)

(2) A little warmer and cozy still- mix a knit of ANY kind, even pattern with your sequins and a denim (here we go again!) collared shirt under for some detail and structure. Throw on a big necklace and those heels, your done.

(3) This one is my fav- a soft retro feel T, anything with a pattern or logo on it works. Add over that a structured blazer and cuff those sleeves. I see this with pointed toe heels for sure! If you want to get all J. Crew on your bad self, add a baseball cap!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Craigslist Cool

(1) wing backs 
Recover these in some fabulous rich fabric, the shape and tufting is gorgeous, not to mention they are built ultra sturdy so they will be a good investment!

 (2) ikea chairs 
 A perfect desk chair or makeup chair, leave it as is or give it a coat of bright paint!

(3) coffee table 
Fantastic texture and natural color! A great addition to any room that needs something to talk about!

(4) dining set 
I love the simple lines of this set, a classic and transitional table set that will match most decor! Wanna get fancy, recover the seats and paint the chairs a bold color!

(5) queen bed
A lovely and girlie bed that any teen would kill for in her bedroom! Perfect as is!

(6) brass magazine racks 
These are fabulous, I love brass and gold, need I say more.. and a steal at $10! 

(7) dining set 
I am in love with these chairs!!! I would buy the set just for them, a new seat fabric and some steel wool on the metal legs, lovely. 

(8) desk
A vintage 1950's modern desk, its small and chic perfect for a small house or apartment. Id give it a high gloss pop of color and clean up the original hardware. Now add your laptop and your set!