Friday, March 6, 2015

Around Here | My favorite antique spots!


People ask me where I find all the intersting things in my house, honestly I am just a total hunter at heart, I find things where ever I go. I look in the least likely places, I use imagination. 

One of my fist jobs was working at Catfish River Art & Antiques here in Stoughton. They just closed their doors this past year after almost 15 years in business. It was the saddest thing to see. 

'Thrifting' or 'antiquing' has become more important to me over the years. When I was 16 working at the antique mall it was about learning the history of time periods and thinking about the where, when, who of each piece. As I have gotten older its more about saving and preserving small bits of history. A bonus to it all is saving money and supporting small/local businesses at the same time. Antique shops are a cabinet of curiosity, I love bringing something home that can start a conversation.

Below is a list of my favorite places!

Stoughton Antique Mall
Stoughton Buy & Sell shop
Elsing's Buy & Sell- Stoughton
St. Vincent De Paul- Stoughton

Odana Antiques- Madison
St. Vincent De Paul- Odana Rd. Madison
St. Vincent De Paul- Willie St. Madison
Antiques on Cottage Grove Rd. - Madison
Bethesda's House of Thrift- Madison
The Cozy Home Consignment- Monona
Habitat For Humanity- Monona
Habitat Fro Humanity- Odana Rd. Madison

Columbus Antique Mall- Columbus

Find out all the detail below

Stay tuned for a new list of places I plan on scouting out this spring!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Work | metal work madness

For the last two weeks I have been doing ONLY metal work.. my hands hate me but I have been getting so much better and coming up so much cool new stuff for spring! I want to list it all in the shop NOW, but I am saving it for the spring lookbook reveal! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Style | the collar + sweater

The collar + sweater is a look I have been rocking for a long time and it's PERFECT for the winter. I am cold a lot of the time and this look is stylish plus warm. I usually do a tank + long sleeve T + collar button down + sweat = one hell of a toasty me!! 
My studio is freezing in the winter, and so is the new (old house).  This look lets me be cute and warm. You can't go wrong! 

-tanks & sweaters via pinterest 
-jewelry find it in the shop!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Craigslist Cool

 Found some cool stuff on the ol' Craigslist! Check these out!

(1) game table chairs 
leave um' or give them some fun new upholstery  fabric. These chairs are very universal, add a pillow use them in the family room, try the head of the dining table, or a rolly desk chair. 

(2) nested console tables
These tables have a great shape and a fun little cut-out shape in the corner. I think a coat of paint could do the trick!

(3) yellow school chairs
A fun pop of color for a play room!
(4) love seat
A perfect place to curl up with a cup of coffee. The fabric on these mid century sofa is fun and bright. But if it's not your style these box cushion a a sinch to recover. 

(5) pair of upholstered chairs 
This pair of chairs are amazing... enough said. 

(6) gold and glass coffee table & set
A great over sized table totally from the 90's table is a set, coffee table, end tables and sofa table. I think all three of these in one room might be over kill. But split them up, coffee table in the living room, end tables in the bedroom for some glam, and the sofa table could be great in an entry with a mirror hung above it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

style | floral A-line skirt

The last style post I was ranting about wanting spring.. well its the same this time around. This floral A-line skirt screams SPRING!!! But, its still a bit to cold for it. I came up with some ways to wear it in the cold and not make it not scream "I'm wearing summer clothe in the winter", only whisper it!

(1) Because this skirt is pretty dressy, I tried to keep it as a dressy outfit. A simple knit tank, could be a thinner knit sweater too, mixed with a wool cropped jacket. I like adding a knit because you know its winter when you see knits. The Darker tones on the top half help to balance the soft pink pastels of the skirt. Of course you need to add some tights, and heels! (Tuck in this top).
Knit top, vintage | Wool jacket, vintage | Floral skirt, Stori Anne Co

(2) This outfit is a tad more casual, you can add denim to anything and it will take it down to a little more causal level. I mixed it with a longer over sized forest green wool blazer. Again, darker colors help balance out the pastel light skirt. Add tights and heeled booties! (Tuck in this top).
Denim button down, J. Crew | Wool blazer, vintage | Floral skirt, Stori Anne Co

(3) Lastly, this is the most casual version of the three. A soft heathered gray T simply paired with a long pale gray open front sweater. The mono-tone top combo is heavy enough visually with the skirt and gives a comfy cozy vibe! Add tights, rock this with tall boots or even some New Balance tennies! (Tuck in this top).
Gray T, Old Navy | Long Sweater, vintage | Floral Skirt, Stori Anne Co