Sunday, October 12, 2014

around here | moving days

Happy Sunday!

 It's the calm before the moving storm.. for the next three days my hubby and I are finally moving into our house!! It's crazy to think that just over a month ago we took possession and basically redid every room in the house. Wow. 
I can't wait to be all moved in and hunker down just in time for winter. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

our house | the bathroom

The bathroom was the last thing on the list, and of course the last thing to get allocated money for the redo (it should have been the first thing). The bathroom of my dreams is going to have to wait until we can save up to do it right, 6 months, fingers crossed!
Bur for now it gets a minor face lift:

- tub surround
- vanity (dresser I found at a yard sale for $40, reusing the old sink)
- sink faucet
- shower head
- fresh coat of paint
- sub floor & sheet lenolium :/ (we can make it work)
- lighting
- toilet 
- mirror 

Thank you to help of my handy step dad and grandpa the labor on this project is not going to break the bank either! The majority or the dirty work was split between two teams! Round one, my mom and I, round two my hubby's brother and his power tools + the home depot shopping expertise of my mother in law! :D

Friday, October 3, 2014

our house | the kitchen

The kitchen was a lot to tackle.. 
It was scary to decide to paint the cabinets. I had never done anything like it, I could possibly screw it up and it could cost $1000's to fix, on a limited budget, that made it even scarier! 
But I decided to just G O  F O R  I T ! They turned out better then I had hoped.

Then I decided to pick, basically black as the wall color, its called "ripe fig". I thought that was fitting for a kitchen color. I wanted to make the kitchen rich and kinda sexy. Since my husband is a baker and chef the kitchen is totally his domain, I wanted it to feel that way for him.
( Also secretly I wanted his apple green kitchen aid mixed to look sick sitting out on the counter! ;D )

The cabinets took a total of a week to prep, prime and paint. Then I found the antiqued brass hardware at the habitat store for $7.00!! Also keeping my eyes open for an island, I found a dresser for $50.00 at the local buy/sell shop, it's going to get a chopping block top with a pair of wooden stools. Perfect for coffee and breakfast!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

our house | the living room

 After getting all the things on the list done it was time to switch gears into the FUN part, 
D E C O R A T I N G!!  
(or at least start to think about it..)

My lovely friend Mya, my mom and sisters have all pitched in the help get the endless painting on the 1st floor done! In the living room we went with a pale gray and white painted trim while leaving the actual window the dark wooden tone. This high contrast looks rich and custom! 
I really wanted the house to feel "clean", so you will be seeing A LOT of white! We also got all the floors refinished on the first floor. I love the fact we uncovered and saved the original wooden floors. We both like the character and imperfections left in the floor from over 100 years of use. Its charming and tells the story of the house!

Did you know they used to paint the wooden floor right around the area run and not actually every mover the furniture?!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

our house | the first cuts

You have seen the tour, now its time to get into the reno! 
The carpets were the fist to go as they were holding the smell of a thousand cats and dogs, yuck. Under that we found fiber board filled with nails and all the animals favorite pee spots, double yuck! But we were elated when we saw the original wooden floors underneath!!!

Then we moved to the kitchen and kept our fingers crossed.. under the sub floor, MAPLE! 
It took 4 people, and a custom made tool via Mike's brother, 8 hours to pull them all up in preparation for refinishing. Stay tuned!!