Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Work | new metalwork!

Coming soon to the Etsy shop! These rings and pendants are hot off the press! 
Get these one of a kind items while you can!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Work | Snaps from Agora Art Fair

I took a few iphone snaps of my booth from this weekend! Its fun to see all the jewelry displayed in real life as apposed to just seeing it all on Etsy. I had my best helper -my mom- this past Saturday, I am so thankful for her! The weather was so HOT and then there was a 10 minute hurricane... thank you to the lovely shoppers who helped us hold the tent down! :D 
All and all it was a great show though!  Now I'll be back at work getting ready for my first ever 3 day show in Green Bay!

Craigslist Cool | Madison area

A lot of cool retro pieces on on Craigslist right now! I love the rolling carts, they are great as plant stands or a drink cart! The set of old school chairs are lovely, leave them as is or paint them!
Ok, this 10 foot table is bad ass, if I had a big enough room that would be mine!!
The retro 90's white bar stools spoke to me today! They look in amazing shape and I can see them as an interesting addition to a rustic style kitchen... crazy I know, but the juxtaposition can work beautifully when done right! 
Need I say anything about this fab green chair?!  The lucite tray table is super mod and glamorous! Add a cool tray and turn it into a night stand, end table, plant stand or drink cart! The last set of chairs are simple and sleek, I can see them with a toss pillow as extra seating in a living room OR the two head chairs at a modern dining room table. 
:D Happy Hunting!

(1) rolling cart 
(2) rolling cart- brown
(3) kitchen chair set with rattan seats
(4) 10' dining table
(5) white bar stools
(6) green arm chair
(7) mod acrylic tray table
(8) steel case arm chair pair

Friday, August 14, 2015

Work | Art Fair!

Come see us this Saturday in Fitchburg!!! 
Our booth is located need the far end :D
Happy weekend if I don't see ya anyways!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Interiors | home office mini re-vamp

Sometimes when your creative space is just calling for change all you can do is something small. Like hang a mirror (like I finally hung this one after months of looking at it sitting on the floor!), re-arrange your workspace items or add some new art! Before my desk as just feeling cluttered and chaotic. I wanted to freshen it up, I needed a subtle change.

I used what  had, and pretty much the objects and items that HAD already been on my desk in a new way. The mirror and new art work was key. I already had the shelf up, just a bit of re imagining was all it took! It feels so much different, its weird- but I like it! :D

And no new nook would be complete without a selfie in a newly hung mirror! hahaha! I was on my way to work rocking my new bellybutton kissing jeans! :D