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Favorite Vintage Bags on Etsy

I thought for my 30th birthday that I would get myself a nice new leather bag, maybe I would find one in Paris even! Well, I couldn't bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag new, so I looked on Etsy to see what I could find! Here are just a few of my current favorites. 

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What to Wear Wednesday

 Well I am not one for wearing pink... or much color for that matter at all. But I figured when else do you get to mix both pink + red besides Valentines day?! So in the spirit of Cupid, love and general corniness that comes along with this holiday- enjoy this preppy ensemble! xoxo

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Work | Shipping Update

This shipping notice is for both C. Alexandria & C. Alexandria Home shops! 
Thank you for your understanding!

What to Wear Wednesday

While packing (well trying to) pack for Paris I came up with this outfit! I am a neutral girl so this outfit felt comfy and chic at the same time + something I could get away with in Paris. Now I don't plan on walking around in these heels.. oh no- I would switch from comfy shoes to these for dinner of course! But I think simply switching out foot wear and accessories can take you from day to night with very little effort. Oh, don't forget the lipstick!  

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What to Wear Wednesdays are a collaboration with H. Claire Photography 
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Around Here | Paris!!!

Today is the day we are off the Paris!! My amazing husband and his family surprised my with a trip to Paris to celebrate this mile stone birthday... I think I am still speech less over the whole thing. Trying to pack has left me kind of dumbfounded as well. At this point I am packing a lot of black and hoping I can put some outfits together when I arrive. Or I could always just go shopping... I mean, its PARIS!!! See y'all when we're back!